The Artist
For those still unaware (aka living in a realm where the internet has not yet reached), Jermaine is the vibrant, eclectic artist making waves all over the internet – from Vevo to Worldstar, Facebook to Twitter, Instagram to Youtube, even Tumblr to his very own

Born to a Caucasian mother and Caribbean father, Jermaine was blessed to be exposed to the many different lessons life has had to offer from a young age. This 5’8″, curly haired, outspoken young man knew who he was from very early on in life. Everything from dance classes, vocal lessons, and acting classes to writing lyrics, styling visuals, and directing videos; Jermaine dabbles in all the arts – set to become only the best of the best.

And with a new EP currently in the works, he is much closer than we all know to fulfilling that goal.

The Past
Starting with his first mixtape, Anomaly (released in 2010), Jermaine let his knowledge of hip-hop and R&B loose by incorporating samples into his music that date from the 1960’s to early 2000’s. Despite the mixtape being a raw body of work recorded in a home studio, Jermaine presented his pen range and amazing ear for dope sound through co-producing beats and telling anecdotes of love, sex, cheating, and the streets.

In the two years following the release of his first mixtape, Jermaine has only pushed harder and farther with the release of several works, both separate and together with Anomaly.

Jermaine took on the role(s) of director, creative director, casting director, and stylist, for videos like Talk to Me: a standard street jungle homage – complete with alleyway, graffiti, Timberlands & New York Yankees cap; Grenade: a look into his aggressive side with a cinematic twist (with an even deeper look through a Behind the Scenes clip); Freak Out: a sexy, classic 90’s R&B feel; Rain: which gave a taste of Jermaine’s flare for dramatics (both videos available to view on WorldStarHipHop); and Cypher: which pays homage to all the classic street videos Jermaine grew up watching (a Behind the Scenes clip also included, as well as available viewing on WorldStarHipHop).

Jermaine not only focuses on bringing his vocal and lyrical abilities to the table, but with works like Lawyer: a performance piece that shows off Jermaine’s expressive facials and perforce presence, and Freak Out: (an alternate video for the aforementioned track) a full dance performance backed up by two dancers to showcase his love of rhythm; Jermaine proves he is more than a triple threat. With Commitment, a motivational commercial that had more than just inspiring words, Jermaine lets us know that he is also more than capable of being just the face of a campaign.

Towards the end of the 2012 year, Jermaine dropped a freestyle video, All Week; a Caleb Record to show he can not only hold his own, but he can stand out. All Week was the first step away from the classic hip-hop sound of Anomaly toward a more “ratchet” feel that the world currently vibes to.

The following year, 2013, Jermaine released The Story Before the Glory: a complete recollection of childhood, family, growing up, school, beginnings, and of course, music. With the voices of friends and family, and his very own, Jermaine told the world his story before anyone else could make up their own. The very same year, Jermaine lost the “around the way” boy look, upped the budget, and switched up his sound. Night Life, a party driven track that speaks to all groups of people, can be streamed on SoundCloud, watched on YouTube and Vevo, and purchased on iTunes.

The Present
On top of keeping his social media up to date for his music and to showcase his fashion evolution, Jermaine has released three Vlogs via YouTube to give a closer look into his life and creative world, as well as the slightest peek into his personal life. Since the release of Night Life in 2013, Jermaine has continuously been writing and recording new material, trying out different sounds and subject matters, and simply creating freely.

The Future
In 2017, Jermaine is dropping a new, much anticipated EP, entitled Vivid: a fusion of hip-hop, R&B, and pop. The new EP promises bars for the rap heads, soul for the R&B fans and melodies for the pop crowd, as well as a great lineup of features. Jermaine nitpicked his way to finding all the right beats and features and emerged with a cohesive of relatable stories of love, sex, and “turn-up”. Witty lines. Classic references. True stories. Rapping . Singing. The EP is raring to go, complete with videos inclusive of dancing, acting, and fashion.

“Vivid is more melodic,” Jermaine says. “I wrote everything: verses, hooks, and bridges. The raps and vocals, AND the female rap feature… The only verse I didn’t write was a male rap feature.” Jermaine says he not only “wants to showcase [his] writing skills and growth” but also wants to give thanks to the “bunch of young, up-and-coming producers around the U.S” who helped produce beats on Vivid. The entire project was brought to life at Canada’s best recording studio Metalworks (, where artists like Toronto’s very own, Drake, Nelly Furtado, Feist, Cancer Bats, and Katy Perry have also recorded. With the help of seasoned engineer, Jeff Crake (, who put a lot of time into editing – Vivid will definitely not be one to miss. “Where Anomaly had a more classic hiphop feel, Vivid is much more upbeat, melodic and has a real commercial appeal,” Jermaine adds. “A touch of classic sounds fused with modern delivery.” In other words, y’all ain’t ready.